Solos For Young Cellists

Solos For Young Cellistsis an eight-volume series of music compilations with companion CDs. This series is not designed as a method, but rather a collection of wonderful music. This collection offers young cellists the opportunity to work in various positions, techniques, meters, keys and musical styles. These pieces provide exciting and diverse additions to the current repertoire. Many of the works in the collection are recognized as major repertoire pieces while others are newly published or original compositions. Compiled, edited and recorded by cellist Carey Cheney, Solos For Young Cellistsis a graded series of works ranging from elementary to advanced levels and represents a truly exciting variety of musical genres and techniques. The collection will become a valuable resource for teachers and students of all ages and levels. The piano track recorded on the second half or second CD of each volume gives the cellists the chance to practice performing with accompaniments up to tempo. Solos For Young Cellistsare available all over the web:

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It is possible that in future, the books and CDs will be sold together as a package. Check the web to see when this happens!



Books and Audio CDs

Carey Cheney, cello

David Dunford, piano


Simple Folk Songs
1. Frére Jacques (Pattern One)
2. Brahms Lullaby
3. The Little Fiddle
4. Swedish Folk Song
5. Frére Jacques (Pattern Four)
6. Entre Le Boeuf et L’Ane Gris
7. The Nutree
8. Song of Thanksgiving
9. Scherzo H. Schlemuller
10. Forward, March H. Schlemuller
11. Livi’s Blues Elliott W. Cheney
12. Fairytales (“L’Innocence”) W.H. Squire
13. Clock Tower Bells C. Cheney
14. Budapesto C. Cheney
15. Gondola Song H. Schlemuller
16. Concerto in C Major F. III, No.6 A.
Vivaldi (realizations by David Dunford)


1. Cradle Song (“Le Bonheur”) W.H. Squire
2. Berceuse A. Jarnefelt
3. Drei Leichte Stücke
        Mässig schnell,munter
4. Running of the Bulls E. W. Cheney
5. Nina G. Pergolesi
6. Elfintanz E. Jenkinson
7. At Twilight (“Triste”) W. H. Squire
8. Neapolitan Dance N. Marcelli


1. Bourrée W.H. Squire
2. Romance C. Debussy
3. Serenade Basque
A. Adorian
        Danse Espagnol
4. Sicilienne G. Faure
5. Sonata in E minor, Op. 38, No.1, I B. Romberg
6. Fond Recollections Op. 64, no. 1 D. Popper
7. Harlequinade W. H. Squire
8. Humoresque W.H. Squire


1. Sonata in C Major
G.F. Handel
2. Suite Française
P. Bazelaire
        Bourree d’Auvergne
        Chanson d'Alsace
        Berceuse populaire francaise
        Montagnarde d’Auvergne
3. Orientale C. Cui
4. Etude-Caprice G. Goltermann
5. Le Basque M.Marais


1. Salut D’Amour Op. 12 E. Elgar
2. Pieces from the Concerti
F. Couperin/Dunford
        La Tromba
        Air de Diable
3. Adagio & Allegro R. Schumann
4. Mazurka D. Popper
5. Meditation F. Bridge
6. Julie-O M.Summer (arranged by C. Cheney)


1. Song Without Words, op.109 F. Mendelssohn
2. Sonata in C (3 movements) L. Boccherini [after original MS for 2 cellos plus a stylistically correct keyboard realization by scholar, Claude Kenneson]
3. Prayer E. Bloch
4. Papillon G. Fauré
5. Eclectic Suite
M. Forsyth
        Song of Light
        Ripsnorter Finale

CDs for Volumes 7 & 8 have been available since 2007; publication of books is still pending


1. Concerto in G Major, F.III, Nr. 12 (3 movements)
A. Vivaldi
        First Movement
        Second Movement
        Third Movement
2. Divertimento (3 movements)
        First Movement
        Second Movement
        Third Movement
3. Vocalise V. Persichetti
4. Andante C.P.E. Bach


1. The Bee F. Schubert
2. Tzig, Tzig! W.H. Squire
3. Sonata in E Major, (complete) F.Francoeur (Trowell) with new keyboard realizations from original violin sonata, by David Dunford (except Allegro vivo, composed by Arnold Trowell - piano accompaniment created by David Dunford)
4. Restful Woods A. Dvorak
5. Capriccio Lucas Foss