Cheney Cello Studios – Elliott and Carey Cheney

7522 South Country Manor Road, Cottonwood Heights, UT 84121

(801) 703-4169 Carey  (801) 703-8943 (Elliott) 




What's new and different this year? We have a 33 week long teaching year over nine months. (Last year was 34 weeks over 10 months.)




Total Weeks of Instruction for September 2019 through May 2020 = 33weeks


60 Minute Lessons- Payment Options

33 weeks X $68.00 (60 min. ) = 2244

Lessons $ plus Admin. Fee $45 = $2,289total


              One-Time Payment =  $2,289

Two Equal Payments Sept. 10th  for $1,144.50; then another January 15th, $1,144.50

Nine Equal Payments of $254.00 due in the first week of each month, September through May


45 Minute Lessons Payment Options

 33 weeks X $51.00 (45 min.) = $1,683

45 mInute Lessons plus Admin. Fee $45 = $ 1728 total

              One Time Payment - $1728

Two Equal Payments – one Sept. 10th , another on Jan. 15th for $864.00

nine Equal Payments of $ $192 due in the first week of each month September through May


30 Minute Lessons Payment Options

 33 weeks X $34.00 (30 min.) = $ 1122

Lessons $plus Admin. Fee $45 = $1167total

              One Time Payment - $1,167

Two Equal Payments – Sept. 10th $ and Jan. 15th $583.50

Nine Equal Payments of $130.00 due in the first week of each month September through May


Tuition Payment Policy –  Fall 2019-Spring 2020


We ask for tuition to be paid on the first day of each month.  It is fine to pay by personal check or automated bank –generated checks. We cannot accommodate Ven-Mo or credit cards.  Please provide 9 post-dated checks at your first lesson of the year, or set-up bank checks to send payment at the same day of the first week of each month.  You may also pay for the entire year upfront, or two equal payments, one due at the start of each semester. Please see Tuition Schedule above for specific amounts.


Because we are attempting to streamline tuition payment for you by having nine equal payments, we ask you please to understand that tuition is NON-REFUNDABLE and we expect a commitment to regular weekly lessons for the entire academic year.  We will not be able to accommodate financially,  sudden withdrawl from lessons because of sports, dance or theatre events .  We ask you to understand this, and know that if you need to reschedule your day/time for a short period, please ask us to provide you with a current roster of names/phone numbers as well as days/times of lessons.


Addition of Administrative Fee:  We add a $45 Administrative Fee to each student's tuition per year to help us with copying costs, professional fees, liability insurance and travel costs to book recitals.  This fee will also include but not be limited to, one year of SAU Membership Fees so that our students can participate in all SAU Cello Events. Please be sure to renew your SAU fees through our studio rather than another SAU teacher. The Administrative Fee is not limited to SAU fees – it also will cover the cost of registering for the annual Cello Federation (held at the U of U Gardner Hall, this spring on Sat. March 21, 2019).  We hope that this fee will streamline things for us and for you.


Late Tuition Penalty:

If you do not pay your tuition within 10 days of the 1st day of the month, there will be a Late Fee of $30 added to the Tuition Amount due